SDG World Records


Selected SDG World Records will be presented to the record holders at

the ESG Forum 2021 and

the InnoESG Prize Presentation Cereomony 2021.


Becoming a world record holder can create a sense of ownership towards building 

a sustainable world for a business’ customers, and displays not only

their commitment to sustainability, but their contribution

to philanthropy and socially responsible investment.


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public recognitions

InnoESG Prize Series

The winner of the InnoESG Prize can demonstrate to the public the considerable emphasis it places on

ESG Goodwill and how its business constructively impacts on society and the environment.


The Prize Presentation is a great platform for companies to build up their ESG Identity Profile 

as one of the leading corporations in promoting sustainability and/or philanthropy.


The InnoESG Prize Presentation Cereomony 2021 (face to face) will be held on Friday 25 June 2021.

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